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In recent years, there’s been an explosion in the amount and availability of maritime-related data. Yet for most organisations, it’s uncharted territory: the data’s out there, but there’s so much of it, that doing more than tracking vessels or monitoring port calls is beyond the scope of most analysts.

This matters, because the right data and insights can be the difference between a terrorist attack and a thwarted plot; tragedy and rescued refugees; safe sailing and environmental catastrophe.

Our technology platform combines artificial intelligence and maritime expertise to see, understand and quantify risks at sea. We make it simple for organisations to immediately discover and interpret reliable and accurate insights on what matters, when it matters – insights that were previously impossible to obtain.

Helping intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies protect their national interests by revealing potential threats.

Helping marine insurers boost profitability by quantifying dynamic risk.

Helping organisations create proprietary applications to model marine risk.

Our Technology

Raw Data: Global, Scalable, Diversified

To make the best decisions, you need the best data. As more of it becomes available, and in more forms, the opportunities for exploiting the data grow. That’s why Windward partners with the world’s leading providers of maritime data, including specialists in ship-tracking, nautical charts, weather and satellite imagery. That’s why our customers are able to go deeper, and base their decisions on the smartest, most meaningful insights.

Cleansed and Verified Data: Enriched, precise and searchable

To make the most accurate decisions, you need consistently reliable data, and it needs to be easily searchable. Every single data point we collect is inspected, verified and authenticated before being processed. We then tag ships’ activities based on machine learning classifiers trained by our domain experts - things like port calls, transshipments and drifting. We create new data to bring you a whole new layer of proprietary insights you can trust.

Unique Patterns, Trends and Anomalies

When it comes to shipping, context is king. No matter how narrow or wide, micro or macro, understanding the patterns that underpin reality provides the best grounds for decisions. That’s why we model everything about vessels, including how they navigate; where they operate; when they operate; and how they maneuver in ports. Every metric is then benchmarked, clustered or aggregated to understand what’s typical and expected, versus what’s unusual and unexpected.

Risk Analytics

Preparing for future events is often based on assessments of the past and the present. In doing so, people rely on available information, experience and intuition, weighing different signals and connecting the dots. But this process might also limit the assessment: how does one take into account millions of data points, their interdependencies, and their significance?

That’s why we invest in developing risk models to solve real-world problems for our customers. We use the hundreds of features we continuously calculate to discover the signals that lie well beyond human reach. Once we know what constitutes a risk indicator, we apply it at scale and provide it to our customers and partners so they can make their decisions and stay ahead of their adversaries - and the competition.

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