Why Windward

why windward

Marrying maritime
and data sciences

Get the right insights, in the right context at just the right time through a combination of best-in-class data sciences and a deep understanding of what happens at sea.
About Windward


Doing what you do best

Every day, decision-makers across the maritime ecosystem just want to do what they do best: protect their interests and optimize their performance. Our data, maritime expertise, and Artificial Intelligence deliver the insights they need to do that, wherever and whenever they need them.

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Protect your interests

Protect your interests

The maritime ecosystem faces growing scrutiny from regulators, authorities and public opinion, as well as threats from bad actors.

Our combination of data, predictive modeling and behavioral analysis helps you to see the whole picture, and automatically spot anomalies.

Outsmart the rest

Outsmart the rest

Today’s maritime world is highly competitive, with pressure to deliver the best possible results, often against the clock.

The smartest decisions combine your experience with our ability to analyze vast amounts of data and deep understanding of the maritime domain.





decision-ready data

We capture, clean and fuse data from multiple sources - including clients’ own proprietary data - applying Artificial Intelligence to analyze how vessels behave. This allows you to see patterns of activity in context, and understand what they specifically mean for your organization.

  • Operational profiles

    A unique composite of a ship’s operations over its lifetime, benchmarking it against other vessels and highlighting anomalies.

  • Intelligence platform

    Search, prioritize and extract actionable intelligence by applying sophisticated maritime analytics to your day-to-day work.

  • Predictive modeling

    Uncover important trends and anticipate outcomes that support your objectives by training models to find the deepest maritime insights.



Captain’s Blog

Beyond the ships at sea

A decade ago, we set out to shed light on what’s really happening at sea; A daring mission to harness cutting edge technologies and provide an innovative look at maritime data, with the goal of creating a paradigm shift in understanding, analyzing and providing insights into behaviors at sea.

Ami Daniel


Deep meetings

To reduce the workload and the potential for human error, technology integration is crucial in every aspect of maritime, including STS. The way to do that is by bringing together human experts with advanced technology.

Gilad Landau

Senior Data Scientist

Criminals don't waste a good crisis

Regardless of their location on land, in the sky or at sea, criminals have one thing in common: they will always try to exploit weaknesses.

Omer Primor

Head of Marketing

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