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Windward Compliance allows energy traders, financial institutions and bunkering service providers to know which vessels are safe to do business with, protecting them from potentially punitive costs of failing counterparty due diligence.

Regulators are now expecting organizations to apply in-depth behavioral analysis to screen for suspected sanctions evasion. But to do this manually – and in a timely fashion so that business can continue, is almost impossible without significantly increasing resources and costs.

The answer to big data and small resources is AI. It takes on the burden of mapping what vessels are doing systematically, going beyond vessel ownerships and screening against lists into the operational profiling of vessels, automatically clearing vessels with potential red flags and focusing attention on the real problems.

This enables compliance teams to keep manual investigations to a minimum with an immediate go or no-go indication for counterparty vessels. When it comes to maritime compliance, only Windward delivers decision-ready data that keeps you confident in your trading partners and your business on track.



Trusted By:

United Nations Security Council



“Sanctions compliance has been dramatically enhanced by the advent of firms that integrate substantial maritime expertise, commercial imagery advances, open source intelligence, and big data analytics. Foremost among these firms is Windward, which can discover vessels that are violating sanctions and thus help banks, energy traders and insurance companies avoid running afoul of OFAC.”

General David Petraeus (US Army, Ret.), former Director of the CIA and Windward investor.



See through Deceptive Shipping Practices

Meet OFAC requirements to screen and monitor AIS transmissions


Automated Vessel Clearing

  • Immediate Go, No-go or Escalate indication on vessels
  • Detect ship-to-ship transfers, Dark Activity and Identity Tampering in designated areas
  • Identify suspicious behavioral patterns in high-risk areas



Investigative Tools and Support

  • Investigate vessel activities indicative of sanctions evasions
  • Understand the context of vessel operations over time
  • Consult our maritime domain experts to clear difficult cases



Documented Due-Diligence Efforts

  • Report on high-risk vessels and events
  • Export findings to integrate with external tools
  • Record notable activities with a tamper-proof audit trail



Windward’s compliance solution fits your organization’s needs. It can be delivered as a reporting service or deployed as a cloud-based software suite. It can also be integrated into your system via its API.

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