Mitigate regulatory risk by automatically screening insured fleets for potential sanctions violations, including AIS manipulations.  

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“Windward has allowed us to extract actionable intelligence into North Korea’s maritime strategy in a way not possible until now.” 


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See through deceptive shipping practices

  • Detect ship-to-ship transfers, port calls and identity-tampering, even when AIS is turned off or manipulated
  • Reveal connections to vessels, companies, individuals and countries on SDN and sanctions lists
  • Understand the context of vessel operations with detailed reports and intuitive investigative tools
  • Configure risk profiles according to corporate policy or use our industry-standard criteria 
  • Screen new clients for warning signs with instant fleet analysis
  • Monitor your portfolio continuously with real-time alerts for high-risk vessels and events

Streamline your compliance workflow

Document compliance efforts

  • Report on high-risk vessels and events with bespoke, on-demand analysis
  • Export findings to integrate with external tools and documents
  • Record notable activities with a tamper-proof audit trail

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With Comply you can:

Verify that Insured Fleets Comply with Sanctions

Hugh Griffiths, Coordinator, UN Panel of Experts

Windward clients underwrite about 25% of the global merchant fleet, putting our data, insights and predictive modelling to work on everyday Innovation - and shaping the future of marine insurance.

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