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Get a competitive edge and improve profitability by optimizing risk selection



Windward provides marine insurers with the most accurate risk analytics and insights to optimize risk selection.

Our proprietary technology generates a unique and comprehensive Operational Profile for each ship, bringing an unprecedented level of depth and accuracy to risk-modelling – well beyond traditional factors, such as ship characteristics and past accidents.

Operational profiles are dynamic. Risk factors are constantly measured, and associated with how ships operate over time. These metrics include how vessels navigate; the water depths where they operate; what they do in rough weather; how they are managed and maintained; and how they maneuver when arriving at ports.

Each vessel and every fleet is assigned an interpretable risk rating for the year ahead.


Portfolio Steering


Accurately predict high and low-risk fleets to maximize portfolio strategy with our decision support system

  1. Understand segments with the highest probable risk
  2. Predict the most profitable segments in your portfolio
  3. Refine your portfolio mix to minimize accumulated risk


Business Growth


Use our decision-support system to efficiently evaluate potential new business and select the best risk opportunities

  1. Identify new opportunities that match risk appetite
  2. Focus underwriters’ time on the most attractive risks
  3. Be more competitive with the risks you want


Augmenting Pricing Models


Seamlessly integrate our data and models into existing systems and workflows to optimize risk rating and pricing models

  1. Improve pricing accuracy for new and existing business
  2. More accurate pricing standards for underwriting teams
  3. Rapid deployment with ongoing professional support

Windward also supports actuary and analytics teams in the development of proprietary technical pricing models, combining customer data with Windward risk scores and features.



Claims Analysis


Streamline the claims process with immediate access to rich context around the circumstances that led to an accident

  1. Access many contextual data layers in one place
  2. Quickly visualize an event and the behaviors of surrounding vessels
  3. Improve operational costs by focusing investigators’ and handlers’ time




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