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Windward Insurance offers data and software solutions that help marine insurers optimize risk selection, improve productivity and ultimately deliver better results for shareholders and policyholders.

Our proprietary Vessel Operational Profile sits at the heart of what we do; it’s a composite of behavioural and ship characteristics that we turn into dynamic benchmarking of every vessel and fleet against hundreds of risk factors. No other system delivers more accurate, deeper, predictive insights.


Optimize Risk Selection

Evaluate and underwrite risk rapidly with the support of decision-ready data.


Deeper Insights

Efficient claims handling, portfolio analysis and improved risk management. Creating a new kind of partnership.


Refine risk solutions

We are committed to helping you optimise existing insurance products and partnering with you to develop new risk solutions for a changing world, such as connected policies and autonomous shipping.


Make your data go the extra nautical mile

Windward Insurance is the only solution that provides deep, up-to-date insights on the global fleet without requiring your claims data. But why stop there? If you plug in your claims data, you can unlock even more insights just for your portfolio – enabling you to perform even better tomorrow than you did today.


From everyday innovation to shaping the future.



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