Windward Intelligence

Helping intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies protect their national interests by revealing potential threats.

The seas are vast. If you’ve got something to hide, it’s a good place to go; there’s an excellent chance you won’t be found. At least, there was.

Windward Intelligence makes it easy for analysts to find reliable insights on what they’re looking for. Anomalies, trends and patterns that would have once been overlooked become part of the analyst’s daily routine. Leads, affiliations and places that would have taken weeks or months to detect are discovered in a matter of minutes.

Windward Intelligence analyses billions of data points to automatically generate leads on unknown targets, and to expose networks of vessels operating together.

Windward partners with navies and law enforcement to help protect their borders in the Mediterranean; it’s influencing government policies in the South China Sea; unravelling previously undetectable networks operating in Latin America; and enabling interdictions that were previously impossible.

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Windward Intelligence