Use Case : Intelligence Analysis

Catch the Bad Guys at Sea


React faster to emerging threats by automatically detecting anomalies, trends and high-risk targets

Threats are evolving. Maritime and intelligence professionals must shift from reactive strength to preemptive smarts to continually stay ahead.

Proactively generate leads, identify networks, and assess operations in real-time to help keep your organization, country, and seas safe.

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Be Ready with Answers
  • Powerful research tools into the operational profiles of vessels, companies and places worldwide, and over time
  • Understand deep patterns of activity at sea, highlight behavioral anomalies, and assess intent
  • Enhance operational efficiency with immediate insights tailored to your specific mission needs
Stay One Step Ahead
  • Automatic notifications and dissemination of high-risk targets
  • Proactively generate leads and detect unknown targets based on your priorities
  • Preempt emerging threats with immediate access to the insights that matter most to you
AI-Powered Threat Analysis
  • Discover behavioral anomalies such as deviations from pattern, uneconomic activities and more
  • Prioritize investigations into the highest-risk targets
  • Enhance operational planning and focus resources on potential new threats

"Windward is a valuable source of intelligence for the Panel’s investigations concerning maritime sanctions and North Korea."

Alastair Morgan Coordinator, United Nations Panel of Experts

Relevant to

Law Enforcement

Investigate criminal activities at sea

Customs and Border Protection

Prioritize high-risk targets ahead of time


Enhance situational awareness and boost operations

Fishing Authorities

Monitor fishing activities and detect violations

Intelligence Agencies

Covertly investigate vessels, companies and places

Maritime Authorities

Control national waters and analyze vessel traffic

Integrate into your organization


Gain immediate access to maritime intelligence

Proprietary Data

Integrate your proprietary data for even greater insights

Data Services

Integrate deep insights into existing systems, sources and workflows

Why Windward