Welcome to Windward’s NEW Website!


Change can be difficult. Fear of the unknown can lead to drift. The prospect of a new voyage can cause anxiety, and the journey itself can make you seasick. Once you set sail, it can be traumatic to leave behind what one has known for so long.


Fortunately, none of those apply to the design and build of our new website, which we’re delighted to launch today.


Our old site was ambitious, with dinky ships sailing the seas and satellites orbiting a spinning globe as you scrolled. But it wasn’t always easy for users to find what they were looking for. Indeed, we received a number of comments, not all of them polite, as to how we might improve things. Anna from Germany probably summed up most people’s feelings thus:


“WHAT IS THIS? Dude, you have a horrible website! Do something about it!”



Well, Anna, once we’d pulled our crushed spirits back together, we decided to do something about it. And so, after months of brainstorming, meetings, writing sessions and video edits, our new website is finally here.


We hope you’ll find it cleaner, easier to navigate and more useful. It’s designed to show you everything you’d want to know about Windward – and much else besides. And enable you to find what you’re looking for faster, without the distraction of three-dimensional probes flying across the screen.


So whether you’re an existing/potential investor or customer, a researcher or a journalist, or just curious, we hope you’ll enjoy the change. And if you do (or don’t), well, feel free to tell us what you really think, by emailing us to info@wnwd.com. Yes, Anna from Germany, even you!


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Elliott Gotkine is Windward’s Director of Communications.